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42dot combines cutting-edge technology with tailored connected services to optimize the process of moving people and goods. Our goal is to create a fully autonomous, centralized infrastructure for autonomous and frictionless transportation services. By accelerating the transition to autonomous Transportation-as-a-Service, we hope to bring valuable, life-enhancing products to the market.


Smart, Connected and Fully Autonomous

UMOS is a comprehensive mobility and logistics platform that integrates all forms of ground and air transportation services such as e-hailing, fleet management, demand-responsive transport, smart logistics and more. The platform encompasses multiple layers of functionality built with robust technology that provides enterprise level scale. UMOS aims to create an ecosystem where we no longer have to worry about getting around. UMOS will take care of our mobility needs and everything related to being in motion.


UMOS Connect is a mobility ecosystem enabler that allows people to access all-encompassing lifestyle services including accommodation, food, entertainment, and shopping services - all activities that require movement of either people or goods. Whether it is through a smartphone, AI speaker, or vehicle, UMOS is accessible at all times to maximize frictionless experiences.


UMOS Network is an integrator that provides access to many different transportation services in one place. UMOS Network integrates data-driven personalized services such as insurance, parking, charging, payment and mobility networks to enhance our mobility experience. The network will create a marketplace to drive synergy and growth among diverse players within the mobility sector.


UMOS algorithms connect people and goods with multi-modal ground and airborne vehicles. The smart algorithms determine traffic flow and optimize control for efficient matching, routing and dispatching of fleets. By increasing routing efficiency, the algorithms contribute towards frictionless mobility experience. UMOS algorithms also self-manage autonomous and non-autonomous fleets at enterprise scale.


42dot welcomes businesses and developers to join UMOS Alliance. Members will have access to resources
and technology of our fully integrated open mobility platform. Contact us for more information.


Join our journey to making autonomous transportation-as-a-service a reality. We are looking for competent engineers and
business professionals that like to solve problems, seek growth and inspire people through technology.

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