Lead Test Engineer (Autonomous Driving)
Gangnam-gu, Seoul (Yangjae Station), South Korea
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At 42dot, our Test Engineers are responsible for developing various test scenarios and procedures for our Autonomous Vehicle through analysis of its driving environment. They conduct evaluations of the vehicle's driving performance based on these tests. Additionally, they manage the performance of the Autonomous Vehicle through analysis of driving evaluations and collaborate with developers to enhance its performance.

42dot의 Test Engineer는 42dot의 Autonomous vehicle의 주행 환경 분석을 통한 다양한 Test scenario 및 procedure를 개발하고, 이를 바탕으로 Autonomous vehicle에 대한 주행 평가를 수행 합니다. 또한 주행 평가 분석을 통하여 Autonomous vehicle의 성능 관리하고, 개발자들과 소통하여 Autonomous vehicle의 성능 육성 할 수 있도록 업무를 수행 합니다.


  • Analyzing environments for Autonomous Vehicle evaluation and developing test scenarios and procedures
  • Establishing test plans for the evaluation of Autonomous Vehicles
  • Conducting performance analysis and reporting based on real-world driving data
  • Identifying vulnerabilities in Autonomous Vehicles and deriving improvement measures

  • Autonomous vehicle 평가를 위한 환경 분석 및 Test scenario 및 procedure 개발
  • Autonomous vehicle의 평가를 위한 Test plan 수립
  • 실주행 데이터를 기반한 Autonomous vehicle의 성능 분석 및 보고
  • Autonomous vehicle의 취약점 확인 및 개선 사항 도출


  • 10+ years of experience in testing or designing ADAS/AD vehicles with OEMs or domestic Tier 1 suppliers, or 4+ years of experience in field product testing
  • Bachelor's degree or higher in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, or Control Engineering
  • Experience in developing scenarios and test procedures for ADAS/AD-related sensors (Radar, Camera, LiDAR) and establishing evaluation criteria
  • Experience in vehicle-level testing and validation of ADAS/AD-related sensor functions (Radar, Camera, LiDAR)
  • Hands-on experience with data acquisition equipment (excluding those who have only received training)

  • 10년 이상의 (OEM or 국내 tier 1) ADAS/AD 차량 시험 or 설계 경력 (or 4년 이상의 전장품 시험 경력) ※ 국내 tier 1: 국내에 생산 공장이 있는 해외 업체 포함
  • 기계공학/전자공학/자동차공학/제어공학 관련 학사 학위 이상
  • ADAS/AD/관련 센서 (Radar, Camera,LiDAR) 시나리오, test procedure 개발 및 평가 기준 수립 경력
  • ADAS/AD/관련 센서 (Radar, Camera,LiDAR) 기능의 차량 level 시험 및 검증 경력
  • 데이터 계측 장비 실 사용 경력 (제공 받아 사용만 한 경력 제외)

Preferred Qualifications

  • Completion of coursework in vehicle dynamics
  • Experience in using various testing equipment such as OXTS, ADB, etc.
  • Proficiency in utilizing Linux systems

  • 차량동역학 이수 여부
  • 다양한 시험장비 사용 경력 (OXTS, ADB 등)
  • Linux System 활용 능력
Please refer to the videos from KCCV 2022 and UMOS Day 2021 for insights into 42dot Autonomous Driving, our autonomous driving AI software.

Please upload all submission files in PDF format.

Please review the following information before applying.

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