Open Dataset
자율주행 연구 개발 생태계 조성을 위한
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QWhat is the evaluation criteria?
All submissions are evaluated based on the evaluation metric outlined in the challenge details.
QI entered the challenge and uploaded my submission file but I do not see my results on the leaderboard.
Please check to see if you have submitted your results in the format according to the guidelines provided. For any inquiries please contact dataset@42dot.ai
QHow many times can I enter the challenge?
There are no limits to the number of submissions per entrant. However, only your submission with the highest score will be shown on the leaderboard.
QHow do I enter the challenge?
Please check the official challenge rules to enter. All entrants must be eligible to participate in the challenge and must follow the rules in the link below. For any additional questions please contact dataset@42dot.ai
QWhere do I download the dataset?
Currently there are two datasets available for download. You may download the dataset in the following linkfalse. - SDLane: https://www.42dot.ai/akit/dataset/sdlane/download - MCMOT: https://www.42dot.ai/akit/dataset/mcmot/download All downloads require license agreement and agreement to use personal data.