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The SDLane dataset is a novel lane marking dataset for autonomous driving. We provide high resolution images of 1920 X 1208 pixels which capture challenging scenarios in highways and urban areas. The dataset consists of 39K training and 4K test images with accurate ground truth labels. For each scene, we manually annotated the 2D lane geometry of all visible lane markings on the road. In addition, to better infer the position of the ego vehicle, we annotated the index of each lane relative to the leftmost lane marking.
Download the SDLane Dataset
Label Format
Annotations in JSON format are as follows:
"geometry": [[(x1,y1),(x2,y2)],[(x3,y3),(x4,y4)]]     # array of x,y coordinates   
"idx": [0, 1]                                                               # index relative to the leftmost lane   
Folder Structure
For both the training and test sets, we provide a TXT file containing a list of image paths, JPEG images, and their
corresponding annotation JSON files.
  └── train/   
              ├── train_list.txt   
              ├── images/   
                        ├── 5bbb9c8402a48a0f7eab3af7692743953136faf4/   
                                  ├── 0001.jpg/   
                                  ├── 0002.jpg/   
              ├── labels/   
                        ├── 5bbb9c8402a48a0f7eab3af7692743953136faf4/   
                                  ├── 0001.json/   
                                  ├── 0002.json/   
  └── test/ㅍ
            ├── test_list.txt   
            ├── images/   
                      ├── 5bbb9c8402a48a0f7eab3af7692743953136faf4/   
                                ├── 1313.jpg/   
                                ├── 1315.jpg/   
            ├── labels/   
                      ├── 5bbb9c8402a48a0f7eab3af7692743953136faf4/   
                                ├── 1313.json/   
                                ├── 1315.json/  
If you use the SDLane dataset, please use the following citation:
        author = {Dongkwon Jin, Wonhui Park, Seong-Gyun Jeong, Heeyeon Kwon, Chang-Su Kim},   
        title = {Eigenlanes: Data-Driven Lane Descriptors for Structurally Diverse Lanes},   
        booktitle = {Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)},   
        year = {2022}   
SDLane Dataset Tutorial
In this tutorial, you will learn how to generate a segmentation label for each corresponding image. We also provide a code block to overlay lane segmentation labels on the image.

To run this tutorial, please download the dataset from https://42dot.ai/akit/dataset/ and install the following packages, os, json,matplotlib, numpy,PIL and opencv_python.
In [1]:
import os   
import json   
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt   
import numpy as np   
from PIL import Image   
import cv2   
In [2]:
# Dataset directory   
ROOT = # please update   
DATALIST_PATH = os.path.join(ROOT, 'test_list.txt')   
Load Image and Annotation
In [3]:
# Load datalist   
with open(DATALIST_PATH) as f:   
      datalist = [line.rstrip('
') for line in f]   
In [4]:
def get_label(datalist, idx):   
    returns the corresponding label path for each image path   
    image_path = datalist[idx]   
    label_path = image_path.replace('images', 'labels').replace('.jpg', '.json')   
    return image_path, label_path   

def load_json(label_path):   
    with open(label_path, "r") as f:   
            annotation = json.load(f)   
    return annotation   

image_path, label_path = get_label(datalist, idx=0)   

# absolute path   
image_path = os.path.join(ROOT, image_path)   
label_path = os.path.join(ROOT, label_path)   
In [5]:
# visualize image   
img = plt.imread(image_path)   
<matplotlib.image.AxesImage at 0x7fd86951f050>
In [6]:
# load raw annotation data   
annotation = load_json(label_path) # key = ['geometry', 'idx']   
Visualize Segmentation Labels
In [7]:
def generate_seg_label(annotation, vis=None, height=1208, width=1920):   
    generates segmentation Labels   
    if vis is None:   
          vis = np.zeros((height, width, 3), dtype=np.uint8)   
          vis = np.ascontiguousarray(vis)   

    lane_geometry = annotation['geometry']   
    pts = [np.int32(lane) for lane in lane_geometry if not len(lane)==0]   
    vis = cv2.polylines(vis, pts, False, (0, 255, 0), 10)   
    return vis   
In [8]:
# visualize segmentation label   
vis = generate_seg_label(annotation)   
<matplotlib.image.AxesImage at 0x7fd8691fac10>
In [9]:
# overlay segmentation label on the original image   
vis = generate_seg_label(annotation, img)   
<matplotlib.image.AxesImage at 0x7fd8691f29d0>
Download the SDLane Dataset