System Engineer (Maneuver planning)
Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do (Guseong station), South Korea
We are looking for the best

As a Maneuver planning engineer, you will contribute towards developing robust software systems by collaborating with experts in computer vision, localization, mechanical engineering, and other related disciplines. You will work with highly advanced motion planning techniques to safely operate 42dot’s autonomous vehicle in both the virtual and real worlds.


  • Improve driving behavior using various techniques such as machine learning, statistics, and general algorithms
  • Design robust lane change systems under uncertainty
  • Improve maneuver planning framework including yield, side pass and swerving


  • +5 years of related experience
  • MS/Ph.D. degree in robotics, mechatronics, or mechanical engineering (or equivalent industrial experience)
  • Solid knowledge and proven track record in vehicle dynamics
  • Hands-on experience with safety-critical applications and hard real-time constraints
  • Strong mathematics (geometry, analysis, probability, optimization), physics (kinematics, dynamics), and analytical skills
  • Strong programming skills (C/C ++, Python, etc.)


  • Hands-on experience with autonomous driving system or related projects
  • Hands-on experience with Linux or embedded Linux system
  • Practical knowledge of robotic path planning, motion planning algorithms (A*, sampling-based motion planners, lattice-based motion planners, model predictive control)
  • Experience with source control management, build processes, code reviews, and testing methods
  • Experience with multiple sensors (GNSS, IMU, LIDAR, camera, radar, etc.)


  • 서류전형 - 코딩테스트 - 1차 인터뷰 - 2차 인터뷰 - 3차 인터뷰 - 처우협의 - 최종합격
  • 전형절차는 직무별로 다르게 운영될 수 있으며, 일정 및 상황에 따라 변동될 수 있습니다.
  • 전형일정 및 결과는 지원서에 등록하신 이메일로 개별 안내드립니다.
  • KCCV 2022UMOS Day 2021 - 자율주행 AI 소프트웨어 AKit Core

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